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Making The Right Decision for Stacked Washer Dryers in 2012 Stacked washer dryers in 2012, at the time of this writing, are available at very attractive prices. You cannot stack regular machines so don't try it, and stacked machines are terrific for creating more space. Some machines are more basic because they are low priced, so decide what you're willing to do without to save money. If you've been having trouble finding what you like, then our short reviews of stacked washer dryers are the way to go.

The Stacked Washer Dryer Market and Choices for 2012

Many love using the stacked washer dryers because they are great space savers. Whatever your needs or reasons are, it doesn't matter and this arrangement can be a solution. So with that in mind, if this is something you need, then at least make the right buying decision. Today, we have some important reviews of three stacked washer dryers for 2012.

There are some conveniences with single stacked units much like the LG 2.7 CF Combo Washer Dryer. You'll be totally covered for every need with 6 cycles for drying and 9 for washing. You don't need an external venting source as you do with traditional dryers. A disadvantage with the LG 2.7 is it takes a long time to dry your clothes, and that's not very energy efficient. This is one disadvantage of ventless dryers that you have to put up with in exchange for their convenience.

There are a lot of time saving features in the Maytag Stacked Washer and Dryer and it includes 9 cycles for the washer. Four selections for water used means you can wash larger or smaller loads. Maytag has a very nice system in place for extra rinsing if needed. Just like regular dryers, there's a sensor built in for detecting amount of moisture. There's no reason to stress about the quality of Maytag appliances because they have been around for a long time.

Before you go out and buy a stacked washer dryer, you have to decide what kind of power source you want. Washing machines are generally electric powered, but dryers sometimes use gas. This is a minor check, and if you have questions then just talk to the sales people and they can help you. However, if you already have gas, it may be more economical for you to use a gas dryer. One thing to know is that dryers add a lot to your power bill especially if you have a ventless dryer. It's best to perform all the research you can so you are well informed before looking at anything in a store. Do not be in a rush to find a stacked washer dryer because you want to find the best buy. Even though this type of setup is very efficient, you still have to measure the space to make sure it will fit properly. Plan carefully before you do anything, and have all the specs needed and then have fun shopping.
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